Tasi Farquhar

What are Tasi's thoughts when asked what she does for a living?

"I help people in an extraordinary way.  I talk to them and learn what their dreams are and what is important to them.  I find out how I can best assist them in realizing their real estate goals. I learn what makes them tick and I reach them at that level.  It's the journey I go on with them during the process.....getting to know them or getting to know them better...sharing life experiences - theirs and mine....supporting each other during the process. How many people can say this is why they love what they do?   It's fun, challenging & fulfilling."

A great role model, Tasi has been helping people to realize their real estate dreams since 1987.  Her genuine interest in "doing what's best" for her clients is her mantra.  Her objective is to provide "education" and "opportunities" to her clients.  She says the best part of her job is getting to meet people and know that she can make a difference in their lives.  Over her career, Tasi has received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her consistent placing in the top Realtor rankings.

Family and especially the grandchildren rank high in her activities.  She says there is no end of amusement with the little ones' antics and with the adults who were given the privilege of "freedom of speech" as they were growing up.  Add to that a mix of golf, euchre, reading, travelling, entertaining and friendship and she says her life is full of pleasure and she is one lucky  woman.


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